The vision behind the product – our People Platform

When Casumo formed, we quickly realized that to become the game-changer we aspired to be and build the best player experience, we not only had to build a unique product, we also had to build the product that builds our product, our people platform. We truly believe our product is the by-product of our people, processes and technology so we spent a decent chunk of time at very early stages strategising around all things organization design, spaces, technology supporting our ambitions as well as smart ways to collaborate to thrive around shared values and beliefs, and last but not least the nurturing and development of talent. 

Technology continues to transform virtually every sector business on the planet, pushing information availability to everyone’s finger-tips via ‘mobile devices turned supercomputer’ thanks to cloud computing – anyone can reach anyone, anywhere at anytime. The transformation happens at speed never seen before and it keeps speeding up. It’s more true than ever that it’s not the big that beats the small, it’s the fast that beats the slow. The igaming industry is no exception as more and more gaming moves from brick and mortar offline casinos into snackable entertainment in each and everyone’s pocket.building a people platform to enable knowledge scaling and adaptability was key to our success and survival. It rapidly became our most valuable strategic advantage. The foundations of our People approach supporting our overall business strategy revolve heavily around: 

  1. Attracting the best people, brains and hearts, to contribute every day to what Casumo is and what Casumo must become. Providing for autonomy, mastery, and purpose that enables our people to solve complex problems and face exciting challenges together. 
  2. Enabling our people to collaborate through building smart processes facilitating quality decision-making and innovation through constantly challenging the status quo. This means introducing only the very necessary processes that enable and not disable our people to ensure we can scale transparently as we grow through liberating structures. 
  3. Building supporting technology that helps capture repetition in automation, that augments and amplifies work within the context of a highly collaborative culture and work environment.

These foundations are in constant evolution and a key pillar of our business objectives to ensure our competitive advantage and whilst driven by our Employee Experience team, they require the participation of every cluster, team and individual, whether through direct active support or indirectly through feedback, ideas, suggestions and the behaviours we want to promote.