Behind the Scenes of How We Hire

Recruitment and Selection. Candidate search. Hiring. Here at Casumo we call it Talent Acquisition (TA) and believe it starts well before a candidate applies to a job opening. In this post we’ll  share a little more about how we hire here at Casumo and what we value when making hiring decisions. Our main goal? Striking the right balance between a robust and fair recruitment process whilst delivering an excellent candidate experience.

Strategic Hiring

We focus a lot of time and energy before a new headcount is approved, ensuring alignment with our strategic vision and values. We not only look at which skills and competencies are needed in terms of a person specification before going to market, but also the impact they will make and the expectations the team has for that new hire. We ask a LOT of questions. What exactly are our teams craving to learn? What insight, innovation and thought leadership could this new hire share to enrich our current knowledge base, ensuring we reach our goals?

Difference makes us stronger

We do not hire for conformity or to simply “fill a gap”. We feel great about hiring when someone can bring something new, challenging and different to the table. Casumo believes success is not simply down to an innovative and engaging product, but the people behind this product. Diversity is what makes us creative, and our people platform is where our true innovation and values are fostered. Our goal is to be as diverse and inclusive as we can, encouraging creativity and progress through iteration.

Being inclusive around gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation is one thing, but thinking further toward someone’s background, education, experiences and mindset increases our diversity portfolio even further and adds more to the platform’s credibility.

Hiring for Agility

We hire to remain agile by looking beyond someone’s CV and focus on attitude, competencies, values, mindset and behaviors as well. It’s great that someone can actually do what we need them to do, but how do they do it? What is their thought process? What do they value when making decisions? What have they learnt from bad decisions? A huge element of this is our competency interview, which forms part of every recruitment process at Casumo.

The actual recruitment process

Along with the hiring teams, our TA team fully owns the recruitment process, designing a structured, well-planned flow for all recruitment activity. This contributes to more fairness for candidates and better qualitative assessment for us. We take pride in getting to know our stakeholders (both the hiring teams and hiring managers) then work with them to design a process that will leave us confident we are hiring against strict criteria for each role. All of our hiring processes will involve the following:

  1. Competency Interview – as mentioned above, soft skills are as important to us as hard skills and can make all the difference when hiring for agility, impact and longevity.
  2. Expertise Interview – this is where we explore and validate the candidate’s experience and maturity of thought. In Tech, it will often be based on a technical take-home task where all technical choices will be discussed. In Design, the candidate’s portfolio will often serve as base to these discussions. In Growth and Marketing, we will dig into the specifics of past experiences. Basically, this is where we analyse the “hard skills” required to perform the specific role.
  3. Practical Interview – Casumo context served to you on a plate! At this stage, we are fairly confident that the candidate has demonstrated the desired hard and soft skills and we believe that we ought to provide more insight into the day-to-day Casumo context. As well as allowing both sides to become more familiar with one another and answer any outstanding questions, this final part of the process can involve candidates working on a task in line with the role and context of Casumo This could, for example, take the shape of a white board exercise or a case study.
  4. Feedback – whether you are successfully hired or not, we aim to provide as detailed feedback as we possibly can to assist in your learning and development.

Post hiring, we make sure to look back and analyse the process, maintaining constant improvement and learning. What worked? What Didn’t work so well? How was our speed and accuracy? Were there any blockers?

Meet the Team


Marie-Sophie (a.k.a Marso). Originally from an international law and geopolitics background, this French / Irish delivery machine is the pioneer behind some of our most exciting initiatives within Casumo Talent Acquisition. We can count on her to be a thought-leader in the team, inspiring projects such as  Casumo’s Employer brand and steering a high performance culture within tech through varied internal and external initiatives. Besides being uh-mazing at her job, she is an amazing cook, delivering food to our hungry sumos in our Barcelona office…. Coz you know we love to support a side hustle.



(a.k.a Ale ) is a law-graduate-turned-people-person, Ale is the people person of the team and is obsessed with hiring the right people as opposed to filling roles for the sake of it. She is passionate about hiring for potential and constantly challenges the whole team to a) refine our processes to ensure we do so and b) champion emotional intelligence. She bridges HR & Talent Acquisition, helping to influence with information and tools which ensure HR & TA work cooperatively and not independently. When she’s not chasing after a very busy toddler out of hours, she is studying towards the completion of her CIPD- her side hustle is super-womaning.

(a.k.a “little one”) is our salsa-dancing, spanish-speaking , process power house!!! Super organised, super efficient, she keeps us in check and in line with anything process – driven, always bringing on-point ideas and solutions to ensure we remain at the forefront of Talent Acquisition.Probably the most tech-savvy of the team, Ali pushes us all to be better in how we approach TA , keeping in line with Agile ways of working and tooling. She is also one of the kindest, sweetest people we know. And she is always cold. Even in Maltese summer.


Pete (a.k.a Pedro or Wiki) is our in-house industry-knowledge expert. We can count on Pete to keep our brains afloat with the ins and outs of Gaming industry know-how. So much so, that his nickname is Wiki-Pete. Along with being an avid news reader, Pete brings a wealth of recruitment experience to our TAP team table, with an impressive background managing talent acquisition teams within the industry and an no-nonsense approach to delivery.  If you can’t find Pete, be sure to check the local pub, where he will likely be catching up on the footie, phone permanently glued to his ear (“Sorry! It’s my friend who just left X operator, he has some news for me…” ).



Feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions or comments, or visit our careers page to check out our latest jobs.