Peek Inside the Casumo Office

Last week marked another important milestone in the Casumo office history. It’s when we opened up our second floor in our Casumo Malta castle fully, by opening up our new lobby. Many hours have been put into every little detail in our office – from the heatmap carpets on the floors to the furry purple furniture, jungle walls and the velvet curtains in our coworking lab. We thought today would be a good day to take you on a little office tour around our castle.

Finding a home for a diversely-skilled and quickly-growing company is no easy feat. So back in 2015 we decided to build our own castle, with multiple levels, all open and interconnected. It’s situated in a popular residential area, close to gyms, supermarkets, restaurants and most popular attractions, with a sunny terrace overlooking the sea.

An Unforgettable Journey   

At Casumo we believe in People, Places and Community to be the pillars of much of our Employee Experience, and that we should aim for consumer grade quality in our internal experiences.  This means that our tools and experiences internally should aim to be of the same quality as products we sell. We aim to build a product and an organization that puts the experience first, and we have a dedicated Employee Experience Team working every day to enable employees to be productive and creative without unnecessary disturbances.

A creative, playful environment is the foundation that enables us to make great things. We could have chosen a normal squared reception desk, but we chose a jellybean instead. We could have had a normal door, but then we wouldn’t have a good reason to have those Game of Thrones guys here for the opening.

Casumo office – Greener than the whole of Malta

We heard plants can reduce stress and increase creativity and productivity. So we got a few of those, 600 to be precise. It kind of has the same inspiring and calming effect that you get from spending time in nature. But with wi-fi and no mosquitos.


Designing for diversity

Casumo is a network of teams. In such an environment, sometimes the best way news travel is by the connections built by informal meetings in social spaces. A lot of effort has been put into exploring how good collaboration and good work look. We built places that range from high concentration areas, where you can sit down to read that book or code that code, to great social spaces for casual chats – especially with someone you might not bump shoulders with during the daily scramble. As we grow, we don’t believe in less interaction, but more. There will be more people to understand, more things to relate to. Good conversation, new ideas, lasting connections. These kinds of things happen in the Odditorium.


The Odditorium Eatery and Social Club

When we designed our office we knew that we needed a place to bring people together.  A centerpiece to the office, something that you’d remember when you leave. The Odditorium Eatery and Social Club is at the heart of the office and stands as a grand symbol for our view of the world. It features a Social Club with everything from board games, ping pong and pool, to a humongous screen for streaming talks, learning new things and hosting company town halls – and those late night Playstation Towerfall tournaments.

The Eatery serves healthy brainfood with breakfast, fruits and nuts every day, yummy lunches three days a week and an occasional cheesecake for the soul. Cuddle up in our gigantic staircase for a bite, or socialise out on the terrace. When lunch is ready, our in-house chef rings the bell and everybody gathers round to enjoy the food and each others company. Welcome, and bon apetit!

The Hive

Just below the giant stairs, you’ll find the Hive, an open and collaborative space where the Casumo Hivemind gather in bigger groups to bring those brilliant ideas together and get them creative juices flowing. It includes a variety of seating options that can easily be arranged to suit different needs. Fun fact: Those velvet curtains are the same curtains as used in the Oslo Opera. Supposedly very good for noise canceling.

How can we make it 1% better?

All these fun little details are what gives the office personality, and it really comes from everyone working here. We didn’t just hire an architect to design and build a ready-to-move-in office for us. We thought about how we can work together in the best way to deliver the best possible end result. We built this place together from scratch, as a team, and it will be forever work in process. There will be tweaks needed and major works in the pipeline and that’s a mindset that is deeply rooted in our culture and everything we do. We think it, we build it, we ship it, we tweak it. We allow things to take time here, the fact that everyone is contributing is what gives this place a soul.

That’d be all for today, folks! Thanks for peeking in.