Malta’s Coolest Sign Maker

An old Casumo proverb says: Fortune favours those who never grow old.

We really take that saying to heart. At Casumo when we want a sign made, we don’t just hire any sign maker. We hire THE sign maker: John Farrugia. John’s passion for signs is exactly the same enthusiasm we look for in hiring other creative Casumo’s. John is 81 and literally makes the best signs in the business. Click above to watch him at work.

The sign in question was for The Odditorium, our amazing space where crazy Casumo’s go to eat, relax, and play. Join us in the Odditorium and you too will never grow old.

OFFF 16 – Be a trouble maker

During the last weekend of May we sent a bunch of our designers to Barcelona and OFFF 16, a three-day creative conference filled with workshops, performances and talks perfect for the curious mind.

Going there is like getting an injection of inspiration. You’ll fill yourself to the brim with creativity and your brain will most likely feel slightly mushy at the end of the day. We certainly felt a little bit broken down after the last day so we needed some time to digest everything before putting together this post of our main takeaways from this years edition.

A recurring topic from many of the big agencies and studios was what they do to build and retain a great company culture. The focus wasn’t so much on agility and flexibility but rather on how they use playfulness and experimentation as an important part of the working process. Speakers from studios like Sid Lee, Ustwo and The Mill (plus many more) all talked about setting aside time and money for activities as a way of bringing the team together and allowing employees to work on their own passion projects during work hours.

No matter if you’re a huge studio or a freelance creative it’s important that you’re not just doing client work or checking things of your to do-list. Spend some time exploring new ideas and playing around just for your own curiosity’s sake. Create your own passion projects, or as Alaa Mendili from Sid Lee put it: Don’t just be a problem solver, be a problem maker.

It can be whatever you want. Some of our favourite passion projects presented on the stage was Timothy Goodman & Jessica Walsh’s 12 Kinds to Kindness, Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail book (with this amazing rap video that he produced to raise money for his Kickstart campaing) and Ustwo’s magical platform game Monument Valley which we have loved and adored since the release in 2014.

Go out and do things that you think are fun or important. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you enjoy it and it feeds your soul. It might not bring in any money today but it will make you grow.

Never grow old.

Welcome to Casumo Careers and our blog

It’s almost exactly 3,5 years ago since the first version of the Casumo site was launched and a lot of things has happened since then. We’ve created better versions of both our desktop and mobile site, we’ve developed the casumo (our character), we’ve won a bunch of awards, broken loads of records and been on some amazing trips, parties and events together.

During this time we’ve also grown, a lot in every possible way. What was once a team of 5 Swedish guys setting out to change how the world of online casino looks today has grown into a group of 100 (!) talented, inspiring, driven people from all around Europe who continues to push the idea of what Casumo is and what it will be. Since the start we’ve located to Malta (our lovely little gem in the middle of the Mediterranean) where we’ve already outgrown two offices and are now very proud residents of The Unicorn Centre (yes, that is the real name). We’re currently working on turning this place into the best office possible and we promise to give you a grand tour here in the blog very soon. We’ve also just opened up a new office in Barcelona and the number of remote workers at Casumo keeps on growing.

This feels like a perfect time to release our new improved careers site and with that, also this new careers blog. Casumo Careers is about all the people who are a part of building Casumo and making the company a little bit better every day. It’s about the way we work, what inspires and motivates us, what we’ve learned along the way and fun things we do together to keep a great spirit within the company. This is the door into Casumo and the company culture we’re all about and this is our main page for getting new amazing people through that door to join our talented team. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Never grow old.