Marketing through the lens of a vulnerable player

How can we as an industry collaborate to be able to better care for players on the whole? One way, we believe, is through education, and last month we threw open our castle doors for our fellow casino operators to learn together, to build community together and to become better operators in our industry, and for our players. Among the guests were industry colleagues from GiG, Kindred, 4M Media, Bethard, Tipico, LeoVegas and more.

In the talk, we learnt about the challenges, pains and successes our speakers and former gambling addicts, Mark Potter and Scott Davies from Epic Risk Management, have faced and how their experiences can help us in thinking about our marketing approaches. A fireside chat followed with our own Responsible Gaming Strategist Lauren Monaghan, as well as Heather Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer.

What is EPIC Risk management?


EPIC Risk Management (EPIC) was conceived by its CEO, following his experience of a decade-long pathological gambling disorder with devastating effects. EPIC’s mission is to ”take the problem out of gambling” by working with organisations and business leaders in the highest risk sectors. Casumo began working with EPIC last year; realising the power of their stories and unique insights, we wanted to share this with a wider audience. So while we had the guys in the office training our employees, we thought it’d be perfect timing to invite some of our peers to share some knowledge.

Characteristics of Online Casino Marketing

In the fireside chat following the talk, we discussed how advertising is consumed and internalised by vulnerable players  and what we as operators can take into consideration when building campaigns to minimise any negative impact. How can the industry move away from conventional marketing, the hard sale, and think about what marketing could be through a lens where we position our brands in a different way? Many great ideas for the future of marketing were discussed, with great interaction from the audience.

Responsible gaming at the core of the organisation

“Responsible Gaming is now everywhere and it’s top of mind in all that we do. There is so much good in that,  not only as in being compliant or being a sustainable business, but it puts the player at the core and that’s what it’s all about, said Lauren, Responsible Gaming Strategist at Casumo. We are not perfect and we challenge ourselves to become better than yesterday every day. Learn more about Casumo Cares here.

We have the opportunity to rethink how the industry approaches responsible gaming and set a new standard with an innovative approach to an even more player-centric product. But it’s not a one-man show, and for this industry to stand a chance we need to collaborate to be able to better care for players on the whole.

“I think there is a real opportunity for operators to market themselves as responsible operators now, and I think going forward, in terms of the climate, and in terms of sustainability and responsibility getting more strict, there is a real chance for being the pioneers for that, says Marc Potter form Epic Risk Management. “If you’re seen as [an operator] who stands out in terms of responsible gaming, there is a real opportunity. You’re never really going to get rid of the communication around the offers and the emotions tied to it, but you can be more transparent, give people realistic expectations, be clear in how we build and position promotions to make sure we’re looking out for our players, he says.

Rewarding players beyond bonuses

When it comes down to loyalty and how loyalty programs are built, this is another area with lots of opportunities. It was another hot topic during the fireside chat.

“The types of players you want to attract are the ones who are going to offer you the least risk going forward,” said Casumo’s CMO Heather Cooper. Can we build a programme that rewards players that are playing within their means and deposit the same each month, who are minimal risk to the company and who are likely to stay with you in a healthy way, for years upon years upon years? In other words, a ‘VIP programme’ that relies on more than just spends and losses, which historically has been the case in the industry”.

Writing the rules together and playing by the book

We know we need to team up as an industry and discuss in an open forum how we can help make both our products and our marketing safer and more responsible. This event was an opportunity to impact a little piece of that in a positive way.  Through having open discussions with our peers across the industry, we can get new insights and learn from each others successes and failures. Thanks to all those who attended and stay tuned for the next Casumo Talk.